Arenoso Tomato Sandwich at Cafe Bella Coffee


The folks over at Cafe Bella Coffee in Rio Rancho New Mexico decided to experiment with the tomatoes that I had delivered for the salsa they prepare for Taco Tuesday, and crafted the “Arenoso Tomato Sandwich”. The Cherokee Purple tomato has a distinct taste and I feel that it’s really good in a salsa, but by itself can hold down the fort also, and compliments a sandwich with a rich tomato flavor that a regular conventionally farmed tomato cannot do, as they usual must travel hundreds if not thousands of miles to the restaurant, or are picked weeks prior – our tomatoes are picked and delivered within an hour and we are only 6 miles from this restaurant(super fresh). Cafe Bella Coffee embraces the “farm to table” movement, and we are super excited to know that a sandwich was designed to capture the flavor that these tomatoes have, and we wanted to say thank you.


farmer dan