Busy Spring!


Here are a few pics of the last month of activity at Steiner Field. A couple of bee packages from Papa Bear’s Honey were added on April 15th. The queen was handled per instructions, and I have seen one of the queens, but I didn’t notice the queen in the other hive. I do believe that the other hive has a queen currently, but wasn’t looking for it as I was adding the “super” a few days ago. I noticed that there is a couple of frames in the hive that have already been filled up, and I am going to assume much of it was from the arugula flowering on the field. Garlic is getting larger, and the weeds are following – spent a few hours in the last month weeding these patches, but the straw kept the weeds down to a minimum. More planting will be going on soon, and transplants of peppers have been in the field for about 2 weeks – they survived the 35 degree nights with two layers of Agribon, one of 19 and the other of 30.


farmer dan